In Loving Memory of my Parents

Epifanio Cuellar
He was born August 23, 1943, in China, N.L.(Mexico).  He had 7 siblings and was the oldest from the boys.  My grandparents, his siblings and my father worked in the fields to provide food for the family.  Due to the financial hardship, he was only able to complete third grade so that he could help his parents support the family. Since childhood, my father had a passion for traditional Mexican music.  At the age of 16, my father was the guitarist and back up vocalists for a popular local band in China, N.L.  At the age of 17, my father married my beautiful mother and by the time my father was 21, he and my mother had already 4 of my oldest siblings.  He had to leave the group as a full time band member because it wasn't paying the bills and he had a family to support.  He decided to bring his family to Texas to give my siblings a better life.  He continued to work hard to provide our necessities, food, clothing, and a home.  After 10 ten years of working hard in this country, my father injuried his back, which required him to have two back surgeries.  Not able to work, my father started playing the guitar and singing again as a way to relieve his pain and stress.  Music was the best therapy for him.  In Aug. 1987, after five years of dramatic decrease  everyday activities and daily excruciating back pain, my father had a massive heartattack and later passed away on Sept. 21, 1987.  I was only 12 and at the time I couldn't understand why my father who came to this country to give us a better life was gone at the very young age of 45.

Argelia Cuellar
She was born June 15, 1943, in China, N.L.(Mexico). My mother was the oldest of nine children.  She was only able to complete 2nd grade because she also needed to help her parents and work when she was a child.  My mother married my father at the young age of 16.  My mother did a great job raising 9 children of her own, especially after my father passed away.  Due to my mothers health conditions, she was not able to return to work.  Instead she devoted 110% of her time raising her children and being by my father's side until his last breath.  I don't know how she did it, but she did.  Everything was always for her children.  My mother was very supportive of my musical endeavors because through my dreams lived my father's dreams and I was keeping them alive.  On Feb. 22, 2003, my mother suffered a heartattack which caused her to suffer brain damage.  On June 7, 2003 my family decided to remove our mother from the breathing machine and to leave it in God's hands.  A very tough decision to make, but for our mother, it was the right one.  Unexpectedly, our mother continue to breath on her own, but was never going to be like she once was from the doctor's opinions. My siblings and I accepted my mother for who she was and our love for her didn't change. God gave us the opportunity to spend one last Mother's day, one last birthday, and one last kiss.  Unexpectedly, on August 24, 2003 my mother passed away just a couple of hours after my dad's birthday.  Growing up my parents weren't able to buy each other gifts because what little they had was always for their children. "Mom this is the most beautiful gift you could have given my father."  Mom I will always love you and y nunca te voy olvidar. And I will continue to make you proud and I will continue to keep my father's dream alive."  In loving memory and in honor of my parents, I officially launched my music entertainment company "Roland Entertainment" in March 2004.